To assist the Master Teachers (MTs) in their research journey, the Schools Division of Paraῆaque through Senior Education Program Specialist (SEPS) Evangeline C. Dabuit of the Planning and Research unit, organized the Educational Statistics Refresher Workshop on May 17-19, 2022.

The initiative sprang based on the desire and suggestions expressed by the newly promoted MTs during the concluded induction program. The workshop addressed the participants’ need to achieve a reliable and valid answer to the problem statement and how to analyze and interpret the data of action research or basic research.

SEPS for SocMob and Juris Doctor Leah Sudsakorn offered free consultation services as the division statistician, with the school research teachers as speakers: MTs Rodel Vaflor (of Paraῆaque Science High School) and Elvira Perido (of Paraῆaque National High School – Main).

The participants performed practice exercises, shared, and opened their outputs for feedback at the end of the workshop. They were encouraged to raise their queries to the speakers who were on hand to guide them and offer their best advice on which research study to undertake.

Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Violeta M. Gonzales recognized the active participation of the MTs, and hoped that from (that) day, they would be able to write and be determined to pursue research knowing that they have the nurturing mentors and the division to support them. (by Ma. Estrellita C. Arceo)