In compliance with the Memorandum OUCI-2020-307, Suggested Measures to Foster Academic Ease during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Schools Division of Paraňaque City started off a Plan Adjustment on LCP and DIP Leading to Academic Ease and Transitioning from Printed to Digitized Learning Modalities, November 16.

Participated in by the schoolheads, Academic Ease focal persons, school IT coordinators, school information officers, CID and SGOD, the engagement tackled three significant agenda: adjustment plans of the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) and Division Implementation Plan (DIP), presentation of school transitioning from printed to digitized learning resources, and agreement on the next action steps.

Dr. Arlyn M. Brigola, Education Program Supervisor, presented the division’s adjusted LCP to serve as a blueprint and harmonize the schools’ draft of their adjusted LCPs fostering academic ease in a Focused-Group Discussion (FGD) conducted with the same attendees.

The FGD possible topics encompassed the distribution of textbooks, revisiting of the class program (with the inclusion of Homeroom Guidance Program (HGP), DepEd TV school, etc., as well as the assignment of teachers’ load, conduct of enhanced and interdisciplinary LAC session, streamlining the class activities for diverse learners, establishing consultation clinic, intensifying the conduct of mental health and psycho-social activities, inclusion of occupational health and safety in academic ease.

For a thorough understanding of the academic ease to be spelled out in the adjusted LCP of the schools, Dr. Brigola discussed the following process flow the division has formulated: First is to identify the areas of concern; Second, assess and analyze the existing possible challenges; Third, create action plan or quality control measures; Next,  implement the action plan/quality control measure; Lastly, monitor, evaluate and adjust plans/control measures.

On the other side of the coin, Dr. Rosie Rumbaoa, HRD-SEPS, presented and discussed the conditions to be considered (division strategies) as the schools migrate from printed to digitized learning modalities. These are the teachers’ readiness, parents’ and learners’ readiness, learning resources, facilities and infrastructures, learning management system platforms, and partnership.

Relatively, Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines stated that the migration from printed to digitized learning resources undertakes a gradual process depending on the schools’ readiness in terms of resources, such as gadgets. Specifically, she encouraged all schoolheads to intensify the cellphone drive donation for the learners without gadgets.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bernardo M. Mascariňa laid out the next action steps for the schools to comply: submission of the adjusted school -based LCP  to the CID Chief through the Public Schools District Supervisor on or before November 19 and announcement of the CID and SGOD monitoring of Academic Ease Implementation to begin on November 23, 2020.

In retrospect, right after DepEd issued a memorandum on the seven measures to foster academic ease during pandemic, Superintendent Ladines together with OIC-ASDS Violeta M. Gonzales gathered the CID and SGOD team via Google Meet and then began to review and recalibrate the division LCP which was first presented to the schoolheads in a FGD on November 11, wherein the latter were able to craft their school action plans prior to the recent engagement. (by Reena G. Orquina)