SBM Paraňaque Schools: Hearts on Fire


After weeks of painstaking effort in collecting and further refining the gaps, the following schools emerged as Level 3 (Advanced) in the School-Based Management (SBM) practice: Don Galo Elementary School with Ms. Michelle Camposano as the schoolhead; F. Serrano Elementary School, with schoolhead Dr. Antonio Dorado; Sun Valley Elementary School, Dr. Ronel Corro; and Sampaloc Site II, Ms. Maria Cristina Balbaboco. 

For the High School category, the Level 3 schools were Paraňaque National High School (PNHS) -Main and Moonwalk National High School, with their respective schoolheads, Mr. Gerry Lumaban and Dr. Leonisa Romano.

The Schools Division Office awarded the said schools and the rest of the other 25 elementary and 16 secondary schools (identified under Maturing or Level 2) a recognition plaque/certificate in the Division SBM Awards at the PNHS-Main on June 21, 2022.

All schools were compliant with DepED Order 83 s. 2012, otherwise known as the Implementing Guidelines on the Revised SBM- Framework, Assessment Process and Tool (APAT).

Through the leadership of Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Violeta M. Gonzales, the schools notched higher from the previous level of practice in the SBM evaluation. With the assurance of support, they finished the tasks with pride, knowing fully that the goal was for the learners.

The division leaders hoped that the improvement would continue from there on, as in the words of Peter Myers, “Productivity is never an accident and is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” (by Ma. Estrellita C. Arceo)