The Civil Service Commission (CSC) bestowed the Schools Division Office (SDO) of Paraňaque City the Bronze Award in the Virtual Awarding of CSC-PRIME-HRM Level II Accreditation attended by all SDO workforces on February 3, 2022, via Zoom.

Conferring the CSC award, Dr. Laura D. Mangorangca of the CSC field office congratulated the SDO under the leadership of Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, schools division superintendent. She commended the division, particularly HRM officer Ms. Sheryl Roque and staff, for the patience and hard work in completing all the documents to achieve the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) Maturity Level II accreditation.

Dr. Mangorangca said (that) the Bronze award symbolizes the SDO’s dynamic culture of innovation and development. “May this award be the foundation of producing even more meaningful results despite the challenges brought about by pandemic,” she said.

The director invigorated all SDO employees to be open to more innovations and transformations and sustain the existing processes, systems, and practices that lead to the better and more efficient delivery of services to the public.

In her acceptance speech, Superintendent Ladines expressed her gratitude to the CSC validators for acknowledging the best effort of the SDO. She thanked Dr. Mangorangca for recognizing her as a PRIME-HRM accreditation advocate and admitted that it is, in fact, one of her passions even before she became a full-fledged superintendent and her assignment at the SDO. She highly regarded the CSC award as one of the most coveted awards of all national agencies.

Dr. Ladines pinned her hopes that the Bronze award would serve as an inspiration to the SDO employees, whether directly or indirectly involved in the four areas of the PRIME HRM: Recruitment, Selection, and Placement; Performance Management; Learning and Development; Rewards and Recognition. After all, according to her, the beneficiary is the entire SDO and all its customers and clients.

She explained the advantage of the CSC PRIME- HRM accreditation in the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB), the incentive granted to qualified agencies championing the client and customer satisfaction in the service delivery.

In conclusion, the superintendent encouraged all SDO employees to continue working and collaborating to reach the peak of the PRIME-HRM level accreditation. (by Reena G. Orquina)