“In spite of the deferment of classes from August 24 to October 5, we will not cease to cope with the remaining tasks to ensure that we are better prepared come the opening of classes,” thus said Schools Division Superintendent Evangeline P. Ladines in a Division Virtual Meeting, August 17.

Participated in by the OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) Violeta M. Gonzales, CID and SGOD chiefs, schoolheads, supervisors, specialists, and other division personnel the meeting held via Google Meet was intended to update the entire division of the readjusted schedule of activities (from August 17 up to October 5), in which Superintendent Ladines classified these activities into four areas.

The first area is the Learning and Development (L&D) with activities geared towards online education since the division will later adapt the digital platform and that teachers need to be accustomed to the use of technology and be able to integrate it to enhance teaching and learning. The activities comprise the Quipper School Training with Paid Premium for Grade 10 and Senior High School  Principals, Learning Action Cell (LAC): Coping with Technology in the New Normal, Hands-on Training of Teachers and Students on the Use of Quipper Virtual Classrooms, Orientation on TechnoKids Computer Curriculum for Schoolheads, Training on Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning for Teachers, and Extended Video Tutorials on Access to Learning Management System and Downloading of Modules Using the Division Learning Resource (LR) Portal.

The second area is the Procurement of Modules, Delivery, Retrieval of Textbooks, and Distribution of 1st Wave of Modules. Dr. Ladines announced that the division has already started the procurement of modules from the fifth week of the first quarter up to the entire second quarter. Relatively, she reiterated that Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors and schoolheads must have already completed, quality assured, and have undergone proper layout of the modules up to the second quarter until September 8 to be on track with the procurement process. “Note that the notice to proceed is to be given to the winning bidder on September 7.”  Meanwhile, the retrieval of textbooks as well as the distribution of the first wave of modules following the guidelines will be pushed through as planned.

The next area of activities is the Virtual Turnover / Distribution of Electronic Devices, Launching of Project ELO: Educational wi-fi for greater Learning Opportunities. According to Dr. Ladines, the overall in charge of the virtual launching of the Project ELO on September 22 will be Dr. Rosie Rumbaoa in coordination with the concerned school officials. On the other hand, the distribution of the learning Tablets and Laptops from the City Government is to be taken in charge by Mr. Vicente Pelayo, Supply officer. Morever, Dr. Ladines reminded the schoolheads to emphasize accountability to the parents who will receive the Tablets as these (Tablets) must be returned in good condition at the end of the school year.

The fourth area is the Pre School Opening Activities (PSOA), in which according to Dr. Ladines, the principals have to ensure the organization of class networks, continue to hold parents’ homeroom engagement on assisting learners during home-based learning, issue depedparanaquecity account to all learners to be duly accomplished by the school IT officer under the supervision of Mr. Al Catchillar, conduct hands-on simulation activity on the use of learning platforms with Quipper as the division’s official learning platform, remind the teachers to finalize their Individual Performance Commitment Review Forms (IPCRFs), and conduct division-wide virtual homeroom activities in all schools with the advisers and students as participants.

Anent to the PSOA-Homeroom, Dr. Ladines said that Ms. Ma. Estrellita C. Arceo together with her team, was already able to produce a student guide book on the four foundational topics reflected in the DIP: COVID-19, Use of digitized and learning modules, Psycho-Social Support and Mental Health; and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices. Hence, she requested the schoolheads to print the guide book for students who do not have gadgets to access online.

Other bits of relevant information were likewise tackled in the meeting such as the division status on the completion of the module development, completeness and quality assurance; Monthly Program of Cash Expenditures (MCPE) preparation for September MOOE, teacher’s deployment, and other matters which the attendees raised during the open forum. Dr. Ladines stated that a memo will right away be released with reference to the rescheduled or readjusted timeline of activities for strict compliance and proper guidance to all concerned.

OIC-ASDS Gonzales uttered her appreciation to Dr. Ladines for setting a clear direction for the entire SDO and encouraged everybody to do his/her part to contribute to the completion of the tasks. “Let us take these core steps to achievement:  plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively with open-mindedness, and pursue with persistence,” she concluded. (By Reena G. Orquina)